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    • How can Shari Saves Homes help me with my mortgage challenges?

      At Shari Saves Homes, we offer personalized assistance and advocacy to homeowners facing mortgage challenges in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, as well as nationwide. From loan modifications and foreclosure prevention to credit counseling and financial hardship support, we're here to help you navigate through difficult times and secure a brighter future for you and your family.

    • Will a loan modification affect my credit score?

      A loan modification may have some impact on your credit score, but it can be less severe than foreclosure or bankruptcy. Our team at Shari Saves Homes works to minimize the negative effects on your credit and helps you explore options to rebuild your credit over time.

    • Can I apply for a loan modification if I'm behind on my mortgage payments?

      Yes, you may still be eligible for a loan modification even if you're behind on your mortgage payments. Our team at Shari Saves Homes specializes in helping homeowners in various stages of delinquency navigate the loan modification process and work towards a sustainable solution.

    • What documents do I need for a loan modification?

      The documents required for a loan modification can vary, but typically include proof of income, bank statements, tax returns, hardship letter, and mortgage statements. At Shari Saves Homes, we help clients gather and organize the necessary documentation to streamline the process.

    • How long does it take to get approved for a loan modification?

      The timeline for approval of a loan modification can vary depending on factors such as the lender's process, documentation requirements, and individual circumstances. Our team at Shari Saves Homes works diligently to expedite the process and keep clients informed every step of the way.

    • What are the eligibility requirements for a loan modification?

      Eligibility requirements for a loan modification can vary depending on factors such as income, financial hardship, and loan type. At Shari Saves Homes, we assess each client's situation individually and help determine their eligibility based on lender guidelines and program requirements.

    • Can you be turned down for a loan modification?

      While it's possible to be turned down for a loan modification, our team at Shari Saves Homes works diligently to present strong cases to lenders and advocate for our clients' best interests. If a modification is denied, we explore alternative options and strategies to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and achieve financial stability.

    • How do I ask my lender for a loan modification?

      Asking your lender for a loan modification can be intimidating, but our experienced team at Shari Saves Homes can guide you through the process. We help clients prepare and submit the necessary documentation, negotiate with lenders on their behalf, and advocate for favorable outcomes.

    • Do I have options if the loan modification I tried to do on my own failed?

      The best option is to work directly with a professional in the foreclosure prevention arena, such as Shari with Shari Saves Homes. After working with the homeowner and the mortgage lender, Shari will submit the new loan modification documents with constant follow up until a decision is reached.

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